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Marcus Goncalves

Nichols College Professor and International Business Program Chair, international management consultant and lecturer at Boston University and Brandeis University, more than 40 books published.

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  • Brazil, An Economy of Extremes

    I recently returned from Brazil, and while observing the hustle and bustle of Rio’s international airport, busier than ever, it dawned on me that Brazil has much to be proud of. I am Brazilian, and therefore, admit to being a tad biased, but the fact remains that a decade of accelerated growth and progressive social policies has brought the coun ...
  • Franken-Climate?

    The media coverage of Superstorm Sandy was 24/7. However, there was little mention of climate change. Why is this? And why didn't Obama or Romney mention climate change at all in the three TV debates despite a summer of record temperatures, historic drought and wildfires in the US? Why are so many people in the US in denial of this dire situation? ...
    Nov 02 Tags: Climate Change
  • Dealing with Corruption in Brazil

    in FCPA
      Brazil, with its booming economy, is the largest recipient of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Latin America, even more so due to the World Cup scheduled for 2014 and the Olympic games for 2016. The country, however, continues to suffer from the corruption plague.  Brazil ranks 73 out of 182 on the Corruption Perception Index (CPI).  Acc ...
    Nov 01 Tags: Brazil, BRIC, Corruption, Ethics, FCPA
  • Spain: Where to go from here?

    Today’s news about Spain is unequivocally bad: unemployment hits new peak, where one in four Spaniard workers is now without a job. With a record unemployment rate of 25% in the third quarter, with the jobless total growing to nearly 5.8 million people, Spain's economic situation is very dismal. Coupled with the fact that 50% of the youth is also u ...
  • Time to Pay even More Attention to China

    It is not news that investing on emerging markets is a good idea, especially with advanced economies struggling to gain some foothold. But watch for China's twelfth-straight month of manufacturing contraction, according to HSBC's survey of purchasing managers in China’s manufacturing sector. While the index rose slightly to 49.1 from 47.9 reported ...
    Oct 26 Tags: Asia, China, emerging Markets, PMI
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